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    Aminotris(methanephosphonicacid) (ATMP)


    Synonyms: Aminotris(methanephosphonic acid); ATMP; Nitrilotrimethanephosphonic acid

    Molecular Formula:C3H12NO9P3
    Molecular Weight: 299.05
    CAS Number: 6419-19-8
    EINECS Number: 2291465


    Appearance: colorless to pale yellow clear liquid

    Odor: slightly aromatic
    Density: 1.28-1.38 g/ml at 20 °C
    Solubility in water:miscible
    Stability: stable under ordinary conditions



    Test Items

    Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
    Active acid
    48.0 – 52.0%
    pH (1% solution) @ 25 ℃
    2.0 max
    Density @20 ℃
    1.28 – 1.38g/cm3 
    Chloride (as Cl)
    1% max
    Iron (as Fe)
    20ppm max
    H3PO3 (as PO3)
    4.5% max


    Storage and Packing

    Packing: 250kgs net in PE drum, 1250kgs net in IBC or Isotank



    ATMP is widely used as a sequestering agent and calcium carbonate scale inhibitor for applications in industrial water treatment, industrial cleaning, oil production and textile bleaching.

    Safety Infromation

    UN 3265 8/PG 3

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