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    Etidronic Acid (HEDP)


    Synonyms: Hydroxyethylidenedi(phosphonic acid); Etidronic acid; HEDP

    Molecular Formula:C2H8O7P2
    Molecular Weight: 206.03
    CAS Number: 2809-21-4
    EINECS Number: 2205528


    Appearance: water white to pale yellow liquid

    Density: 1.28-1.38 g/ml at 20 °C
    Solubility in water:miscible
    Stability: stable under ordinary conditions


    Test Items
    Water white to pale yellow liquid  
    Active acid
    58.0 – 62.0%
    pH (1% solution) @ 25 ℃
    2.0 max
    Density @20 ℃
    1.42 – 1.47g/cm3 
    Chloride (as Cl)
    100ppm max
    Iron (as Fe)
    20ppm max
    H3PO4 (as PO4)
    4.0% max
    Color (APHA, Hazen)
    150 max


    Storage and Packing

    Packing: 250kgs net in PE drum, 1250kgs net in IBC or Isotank



    HEDP is noted for excellent CACO3 scale inhibition and chlorine stability. It is widely used in industry as a sequestering agent and calcium carbonate scale inhibitor for applications in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, industrial and institutional cleaners, swimming pool stain prevention, personal care products, metal ion control.

    Safety Infromation

    UN 3265 8/PG 3

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